Our Modular Dispute Resolution System


When complaints or disputes arise, the Diagnosis module collects and organizes all the relevant information about the issue and suggests possible solutions.


The Negotiation module enables the parties to discuss the matter directly and on the record. Our advanced algorithmic tools work out points of contention and enable rapid agreement.


If the parties are unable to resolve the issue through negotiation, the Mediation module provides an impartial third party to help clarify issues and brainstorm options.


If no mutual agreement is forthcoming, the Arbitration module enables the parties to select a decision maker who examines the facts in the matter and renders a decision.

Special Features your Users will Love.

At any point in the process, users can easily upload documents, images and videos to help them explain their perspectives.

No Hosting or Development Costs.

The Modria tools are available as SAAS (Software as a Service), meaning there are no hosting or development costs.

Fast Site Access. Anytime, Anywhere.

Users can access the site directly through the Modria web page, or on your web site via APIs. This means fast, easy access—anytime, anywhere.

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