Modria Resolution Center

Simply Powerful

Modria Resolution Center is a cloud based platform that companies use to deliver fast and fair resolutions to disputes of any type and volume. Built by the team that created the world’s largest online dispute resolution systems at eBay and PayPal that process 60 million cases per year, Modria Resolution Center is a proven and scalable technology.


Easy Integration

Modria Resolution Center integrates easily with both front and back ends of your marketplace, store front, online service or payment network.

You and your customers, empowered

Resolutions Console

Modria Resolution Center automates your business rules for every kind of customer, from high value to high risk. You can even change your policies on the fly and see how those changes will affect your bottom line. Not sure what business rules to employ? We’ll help you figure it out.

My Resolution Rules

  1. If (Customer is Low Risk) and (Dispute Amount is less than $10) and (Customer Disputes Filed Account Lifetime is 0) then(Authorize Full Refund) and (Close Case). [edit]
  2. If (Customer is High Risk) or (Customer Disputes Filed Account Lifetime is Greater Than 5) then (Require Additional Evidence). [edit]
  3. If (Item ID is 0457645) and (Purchase Date is between 01/04/2015 and 01/06/2015) and (Dispute Type is Not As Described) then (Authorize Replacement Item Shipment) and (Authorize No Return Shipment Required). [edit]

Technology Assisted Dialogue

The Modria platform empowers buyers and sellers to work out a dispute themselves, using automated tools like technology assisted dialogue. This powerful feature significantly reduces the impact on customer support teams, particularly for marketplaces and payment providers.


Resolutions Dashboard

No business can operate effectively without the right data and insights. That’s why Modria Resolution Center offers a complete set of reporting tools to help you manage your resolutions as effectively as possible.


Online Resolution for Government

Modria Resolution Center has been successfully deployed for administrative law courts, county tax assessors, legal aide organizations, and consumer protection groups. If you’re seeking fast and fair resolutions to citizen or taxpayer problems, please contact us.

Resolutions, secure

We take hosting your resolutions process seriously. Modria Resolution Center is the only online resolution platform to attain audited ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 certifications which ensure your data is protected with strong encryption, real-time security monitoring and intrusion detection.

The only team that has built online dispute resolution platforms at scale