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We believe that in order for businesses to grow at the speed of the internet, they need to have a highly effective customer dispute resolution process. One that combines automation with exceptional user experience. Our founders created the online dispute resolution systems at eBay and PayPal which process over 60 million disputes per year, 90% through automation – without human intervention. Modria Resolution Center is a proven, scalable SaaS platform that easily integrates with your back-end architecture and front-end user experience. We are Modria.

Our Story


Founded in 2011 by Colin Rule and Chittu Nagarajan from the technology that helped eBay and PayPal resolve millions of disputes, Modria is passionate about helping companies deliver fast and fair outcomes to any size and type of dispute. We are rooted in deep expertise and proven technology.

Modria’s co-founder Colin Rule began his involvement with dispute resolution during his undergraduate days at Haverford College outside of Philadelphia, where he took an early interest in conflict resolution. Colin was originally trained in mediation by the Society of Friends (Quakers), and he managed the campus mediation program called Communication Outreach. He majored in Peace Studies, writing his thesis on Collegiate Conflict Management Programs, eventually taking a job with the National Institute for Dispute Resolution in Washington, DC after graduation. As the internet started to expand, Colin had a revelation. All of these people interacting online were going to have disputes, just like in the offline world, yet were never going to meet face to face. They needed a way to resolve their conflicts. He knew there had to be a way for people to work out disagreements online. As Colin explains, “I loved dispute resolution and I loved technology. It was obvious to me that as society digitized, the need for effective online dispute resolution would continue to grow.” In response to this conclusion, Colin launched OnlineResolution.com, an early ODR service provider. He also wrote one of the first books in commercial ODR, “Online Dispute Resolution for Business,” and curated the first blog on the subject, “ODRNews.” His leadership in the ODR field eventually garnered the attention of companies like eBay and PayPal, who were coming to understand that effective resolutions were crucial to their continued success. Colin was recruited by eBay as its first Director of Online Dispute Resolution in 2003. He designed eBay’s first ODR platform from scratch, and then moved on to PayPal to build out its ODR system as well. The resolution platform he helped build now processes 60 million disputes a year, 90 percent without requiring human intervention. Colin helped PayPal reduce its customer support costs by tens of millions of dollars, and demonstrated clearly that ODR programs drive customer loyalty. To date, the eBay ODR program is the largest resolution platform that has ever been built and the only system to ever process more than a million cases a year, exceeding that bar by 59 million cases. At eBay, two minds came together when Colin met Chittu Nagarajan, who was running the largest ODR system in Asia, ODRWorld, which included ODRIndia and ODRChina. Colin connected Chittu and eBay, which eventually resulted in her hiring. The two came together to build some incredibly innovative ODR solutions (such as the eBay Community Court) which won several internal global innovation awards. These two ODR leaders eventually realized that disputes, complaints, and problems happen across many industries, not just eCommerce, and too often these issues become a drain on time, money, and emotional energy – generating huge inefficiencies and putting a drag on the world economy. What a business does to address complaints can be the difference between winning customers for life and losing them forever. This was a horizontal business problem that the two were passionate about solving.


Scott Carr

President and Chief Executive Officer

Colin Rule

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Chittu Nagarajan

Founder and Managing Director, India

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Chief Technology Officer

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Colin Rule

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Scott Carr

President and Chief Executive Officer

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