Your customer issues, resolved

Fast and fair resolution for commerce


“The team behind Modria already helped companies like eBay and PayPal solve more than 400 million cases.”

Disputes, we love them

Whether you call them complaints, issues or problems, we love them. Really. And with Modria Resolution Center you’ll love:

  • Increasing sales volume up to 18%
  • Reducing the cost of resolution from $12 to under $5
  • Reduced chargebacks
  • Fewer customer support contacts
  • Lower returns volume

Your customers, happy

Over 60% of customers will do business with a company again if it deals with a customer service issue fairly – and even if the result is not in their favor.* With Modria Resolution Center, they’ll love:

  • Your rapid engagement
  • Transparent and timely communication
  • Fast and fair resolution to any problem

The only team that has built online dispute resolution platforms at scale